A year is a far more complex thing than can be described briefly. The ways a year can change us do not always leave marks. The effects of it cannot always be weighed on a scale or kept in a record. For me, my first school year out of school did not produce a harvest of opuses. And I have been much quieter on the internet than in past years. Yet, this year has been working quietly and has built up much. My hope moving forward is to put to good use what this year has invested in me. This updated website springs from that hope. Please look forward with me to whatever quiet fruits have yet to spring up.

In that vein, I encourage you to look at the Library page I have added. This page will contain a growing list of books, music, etc. that have had an impact on my recent past. If you have any curiosity for where my art is headed, these works will point you in that direction. For now, here are some specifics to look forward to: an opera based on an original fairy tale, vocal settings of Psalms and other Scriptures, and that EP I've been promising for a long time. These things are still a ways off, but not as far off as as we think.