A pinprick in the starry curtain

Where light shone through

Like an incandescent blade

A spirit prowled on the edge of heaven

Snarling between bars

With an ancient and dark disquiet

Catching a corner of fabric in his teeth

The spirit pounded and tore

To remove it like carpet

The earth was thrown into convulsions

And violent swells shattered across the sky

So the terror of the spirit was felt by all

The infant light was upset from her cradle

And cast out like loose grain

Into a foreign corner of the field

Amid the mad universal drumming

She cried like an abandoned child

And twisted herself into the breathing soil

Her sisters danced around her in a circle

Leaping barefoot and shouting for the hour

The Undying Sleeper would come to reap

At the edge of night, the edgeless spirit

Put forth once more his shattered hand

And struck against the timpani of years